Coming out

The process of coming out is different for everyone. Some people come out in the teens or twenties, others wait until later in life. It comes easy to some, but for others it can be a very traumatic time.

It's really all about honesty. It always starts with being honest with yourself, and then extends to other people, as far as you feel comfortable. Not everybody needs to know, not everybody wants to know, but if you are going to be honest with somebody concerning your sexuality, then you're probably going to come out to them.

Being Jewish sometimes adds unique challenges to this process. Many Dayenu members have been through this process themselves; coming out to themselves, their parents and friends etc.

Dayenu provides a counselling service for anyone who would like to talk about their sexuality or gender identity, whether gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, intersex, or just curious. Please feel free to contact one of our counsellors for a chat.

Coming out reading list

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