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Contact Dayenu

Dayenu Contact Details

If you'd like to contact us regarding the website or if you have any questions about Dayenu, the best method is via email at info@dayenu.org.au. You can also call +61 438 163776.

Dayenu Facebook Group

To join our Facebook group, go to Dayenu's Facebook profile and add it as a friend. Then send us a message telling us why you are interested in joining up. You will then receive an invitation to join the Facebook group (called "Dayenu - Sydney's Jewish GLBTI Group").

It's what Facebook refers to as a "hidden" group which means that it will not show up in your Facebook profile, just in case you are not "out" to all your Facebook friends. Once you have accepted the invitation, you can happily delete "Dayenu Sydney" from your friends list and stlil remain a member of the group. If you have any concerns, please email facebook@dayenu.org.au.

Dayenu Yahoo Group

If you are not on Facebook, another way to keep up-to-date with all the latest Dayenu events and news is to subscribe to the Dayenu Yahoo Group. To do so, please visit the Yahoo Groups website at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dayenu and click the "Join This Group!" button. We like to know a little bit about our members, so please complete the "Comment to owner" field and tell us why you would like to join and how you heard about Dayenu.

This is a members-only Yahoo Group, so you will need to register, but all information will be kept private and confidential. Please bear in mind, however, that your email address will appear on the site if you post a message. You can choose to receive notification emails as soon as messages are posted on the site, or you can opt for a daily digest or to only receive special notices. You will not be bombarded with spam! We look forward to hearing from you.

Please also bear in mind that any messages you post should be relevant to Dayenu, ie. they should be regarding GLBT and Jewish topics. Please refer to the code of conduct below.

Code of conduct for the Yahoo email list

Please examine and read the following draft guidelines for use of the Dayenu email list. Feedback is welcome to info@dayenu.org.au

The Dayenu Yahoo Group is for you to send messages to every other Dayenu subscriber, and to receive messages from any other subscriber. The list is not moderated (ie. it is not censored), therefore by being a subscriber you agree to abide by the following guidelines when sending messages to the Dayenu list. Subscribers who send messages that do not abide by the guidelines will have their access terminated.

  1. Text only (or simple HTML) without large attachments.
  2. When replying to a message, reply to the sender only. Reply to the whole list only when adding information of relevance to everyone else.
  3. Messages are to be relevant to Dayenu's membership, that is, Sydney's gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender Jewish community. Please note that unless a message was sent from the list moderator or a co-convenor, Dayenu does not necessarily endorse or support the contents of messages.
  4. Every care shall be taken to ensure the contents of the messages will not offend other subscribers.
  5. The list is NOT for ongoing debate of GLBT or Jewish issues.
  6. Announcement/promotion of events of relevance (ie. Jewish and/or GLBT) can be sent to the list, after consideration of above guidelines.
  7. Any offence that may be taken from an email will be discussed only between the list moderator and the people concerned. Do not email the list as this contravenes point (5).
  8. Do not send information that is readily available from Sydney's broadcast prime-time news or major newpapers (excluding Jewish or GLBT publications).